Artwork by Taylor Joy Myers


Artist Statement

  My artwork is a reflection of my continuing interest in femininity, spiritualism, and mortality. I seek to preserve the ephemeral qualities in contemporary humans with the concrete nature of ceramic art.  Inspiration is heavily drawn from American traditional tattoos, printmaking, and divination. These ideas are often expressed within a wide spectrum, ranging from obvious symbolism to subconscious interpretation. At times, these notions cary a dark and heavy connotation. While I embrace these implications, I also try to bring out houmous and playful aspects in these notions.    

  I use ceramic domestic objects and wall hangings as vehicles for these ideas. Domestic ceramic objects become an intimate item for daily rituals. Wall hangings, in contrast, become removed in everyday routine - a sedentary ghost. In both cases, when the viewer pays close  attention to the object, it enters our realm with presence.   

  My process reflects the ideas I am exploring through repetition, patience and the use of multiple layers.  Patience is an inherent quality that clay gives the maker. Repetition of ornamentation and technique can only be fully gained with tremendous patience. The layering of these ideas, like the surface of my work, brings the substance of the piece to fruition.